Gut Reloaded - A Doctor's Guide To Optimal Gut Health

If you are ready to understand the role of your gut microbiome in health and disease and become empowered with knowledge

and skills to help repair your gut, then this book is for you. Retail AU $29

Years of treating people with gut microbiome manipulation and faecal transplant have culminated in the revolutionary book

Gut Reloaded by Dr Paul Froomes. The book takes you on a fascinatin gjourney from gut bacteria to disease and delivers an easy 

to follow plan to kick start your health through repairing your delicate gut bacteria and gut lining. If you ar ready to start this journey 

or just want to understand the role your gut microbes play in health and disease then order a copy now.

It retails for AU $29 and can be ordered from the three sites below.


2. local book storees

3. [email protected]

Gut Reloaded is now in its 2nd edition and has been renamed Your Best Gut.