IBS Seminar

The Centre for Irritable Bowel Solutions is delighted to to invite you to a ground-breaking seminar to learn our revolutionary new program that is designed to combat the suffering of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, called the IBS Solution.

Many recent studies have shown that the fundamental problem underlying the syndrome known as irritable bowel is one of gut bacterial dysbiosis. Whatever the trigger, be it gastroenteritis, antibiotics, high carbohydrate diet, stress, anti-inflammatory drugs, parasites the common aftermath is called dysbiosis. Dysbiosis is a permanent loss of good probiotic bacteria and an overgrowth of bad dysbiotic bacteria in the gut. This critical imbalance underlies the maldigestion, nerve hypersensitivity and abnormal gut permeablility that characterise the abnomral gut function typical of IBS.

You will be both surprised and relieved to know that something lasting can actually be done to correct this imbalance - it is called THE IBS SOLUTION. Spend a fascinating day with Dr Paul Froomes, gastroenterologist and medical director of the Centre for Irritable Bowel Solutions, as he introduces you to these state-of-the-art concepts and management strategies that restore you gut microbiota and really work. If you are ready for change then please do not miss this event.

 To book you place call 03 9331 3122 or [email protected]