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MBS MBBS FRACP MD  Medical Director Essendon Private Hospital Gastroenterology, Honorary Gastroenterologist - Austin Hospital, Melbourne Australia, Founder of the Centre for Irritable Bowel Solutions and The IBSDoctor. Author - Your Best Gut, IBS The Way Out, The Low FODMAP Diet Manual, Blasting Blastocystis. It has taken almost 20 years of clinical practice as a Gastroenterologist, treating people with IBS and constant literature-based research on the relationship between the gut microbiome, the gut mucosal barrier and the enteric nervous system disturbances in IBS for me to have arrived at this inspirational program to free people from the chronic suffering of IBS. The integrated medical approach I take to eradicating IBS, is to use current physiology to understand the root cause of why the gut is in a state of dysfunction and therefore why you aren’t feeling well. Recent evidence has shown that IBS is due to a fundamental, functional deficit in four areas, DYSBIOTIC GUT MICROBIOTA, LACK OF PROBITOIC GUT MICROBIOTA, GUT WALL INTEGRITY and VISCERAL/SOMATIC HYPERSENSITIVITY, and if all 4 areas are not addressed, any other approach is doomed to failure.