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Bowel Parasites - Human bowel parasite infection (esp Blastocystis) is becoming one of the most prevalent bowel problems facing people today and it is still being largely ignored by Western medicine. These infestations cause chronic IBS like symptoms in some people and more and more people are becoming increasingly desperate in their search to find a practitioner to diagnose and treat their chronic bowel illness, which has been caused by infection with a bowel parasite. Due to their complexity, there has been continual speculation and heated controversy about the nature, diagnosis, behaviour, prevalence and treatment of these bowel parasites. Even today, many health care practitioners are uncertain of its significance. Sick patients with blastocystis infection, are mostly dismissed by their doctors and left to suffer. Parasites, like Blastocystis, are well established as a pathogen in humans and should not be ignored in anybody who has gut symptoms and blastocysitis detected in a stool sample.

We now recognise five human bowel parasites that are the most frequent causes of human parasite caused bowel illness. These can be definitively diagnosed with a stool PCR test on a fresh wet specimen. They are:

1. Blastocystis hominus

2. Dientamoeba fragilis

3. Giardia lamblia

4. Entamoeba histolytica

5. Cryptosporidium hominus

Get Tested - You can order our comprehensive Faecal PCR Multiplex Panel: (for bacteria and parasites) by email at [email protected] The test kit can be shipped anywhere and you will get a result around 48hrs after your samole arrives at the Lab. The test cost $AU 110. The list of microorganisms tested for is below. 


  • Salmonella spp

  • Campylobacter spp

  • Shigella spp. / Enteroinvasive E. coli

  • Yersinia enterocolitica

  • Aeromonas spp

  • Giardia sp

  • Entamoeba histolytica

  • Dientamoeba sp

  • Blastocystis spp

  • Cryptosporidium sp


Get Treated - If you have irritable bowel symptoms and have any one of these parasites detected in your stool, then please seek treatment. Your gut symptoms will not go away until you have eradicated the parasite infestation. Unfortunately, parasites like Blastocystis are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotic therapy. At our clinic, we are happy to treat you, either in person or via telephone consultation or via email consultation. We have extensive experience with treating these bowel parasites and can help you diagnose and treat them. Purchase our treatment program now - Call now 9331 3122 or Email [email protected]


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1. Dietary Therapy to starve out blastocystis

2. Probiotic Therapy to competetively inhibit blastocystis

3. Natural Plant extracts to kill blastocytis

4. Triple Antibiotic Therapy to kill blastocystis

If you want to buy this effective anti-parasite program please contact us on 9331 3122 or [email protected] and we will supply you with the diet sheets, the probiotics (in heat-stable non-refrigerated form) and the antibiotics you need, to rid yourself of parasite infection. We can post these products direct to you.

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