The 8 week Program at the Centre

If you prefer to attend the Centre for Irritable Bowel Solutions Private Clinic, then we will personally guide you through your therapy, one-to-one.

Over a period of 8 weeks, you will attend the clinic for 4 program visits. At each visit, you will individually consult with Dr Froomes, in private, where he and his practice nurse will personally guide you through all parts of the program. Our dedicated support team, will work with you to schedule your program consultations, investigations and therapy. If you want real results, you need to do the work, commit to the program. There will be a total of four visits to the Centre For Irritable Bowel Solutions located at Dr Froomes rooms. 

The parts of this porgram include;

  • Treating bad bacteria
  • Restoring probiotic bacteria
  • Healing the gut lining
  • Calming the gut nervous system

To book call 9331 3122.